Tableau CTO on the 3 traits of a data-driven enterprise culture

Just about every research report looking at the trend of big data analytics technology tends to make a similar observation to one degree or other: the...

Challenges and opportunities in the Southeast Asia semicon sector

According to American trade organisation Semiconductor Industry Association (via The Economist), 80% of global chipmaking capacity currently resides in Asia. Taiwan’s semiconductor industry, by...

CISO at Singapore’s Prime Minister’s Office talks security transformation

Here is a case study on embedding cybersecurity into digital transformation from the Singapore government's perspective.

Telekom Malaysia’s RPA journey through the pandemic

Telekom Malaysia (or TM) - a Kuala Lumpur-headquartered telecommunications company - needed to streamline, digitalise, and automate its processes. In 2017, it took its...

National Stock Exchange of India’s cloud transformation

India has a number of active stock exchanges. It is home to BSE Limited, which was established in 1875, making it the oldest in...

Rx for healthcare: IHH Singapore COO on tech’s impact

Delve into insights from IHH Singapore's COO on integrating tech in healthcare, covering robotics to digital advancements, reshaping care.

Alteryx CEO wants to bring the power of data into more...

Alteryx CEO Mark Anderson talks about how they're democratising data and analytics to transform businesses.

How SATS’s cloud transformation took flight during COVID

We spoke with gateway services and food solutions provider SATS about their cloud partnership and migration with SAP.

TIBCO CTO on tech changes, APIs, and data

There was a time when money made the world go round. These days, it’s data that functions as the more valuable currency, especially as...

Aggregating client data into a single source of truth

Heroes of Digital is a Singapore-based digital agency that has recently adopted a data-driven approach with an integrated digital marketing strategy; one that employs...
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What’s holding APAC back from passwordless access? – Part 2

Discover more passwordless challenges and advancements in APAC, highlighting major developments in China, Thailand, Malaysia, ANZ, and India.