Allen & Gledhill bets on low-code for employee mobile app

Learn more about Allen & Gledhill's low-code success story with OutSystems, improving efficiency and adaptability in app development.

Building new worlds in real time

Digital twins revolutionise AEC industries, fostering collaboration, tackling challenges, and fueling design and construction innovation.

Confluent’s Jun Rao on turning Kafka into a thriving venture

Jun Rao, co-founder of Confluent, shares insights on transforming Kafka into a successful business through innovation and entrepreneurship.

Empowering distributed teams: Insights from Remote’s CTO

Remote’s Marcelo Lebre talks about the role of technology in enabling distributed teams and addressing the challenges of working virtually.

Beyond 5G: Inside M1’s enterprise strategy

Explore M1's transformation from telco to tech provider, going beyond 5G to deliver digital solutions for enterprises.

Cyber Security Agency of Singapore reveals Cyber Landscape report

CSA report reveals ransomware impact on retail and manufacturing, doubling of phishing incidents, and key cyber trends for 2023.

Zespri, Syniti harvest fresh data strategy

Find out how Zespri leveraged Syniti's data management solution to transform their operations and achieve robust data governance.

How (and why) Kafka was created at LinkedIn

Confluent's Jun Rao reveals how LinkedIn used Kafka to transform data infrastructure, empowering developers, and enabling real-time engagement.

The story of Caring For You’s Zoom-powered CX boost

Find out how Caring For You used Zoom's solutions to enhance customer support, streamline operations, and improve healthcare services.

Quantum Computing: On the cusp of commercial viability?

Discover Quantum Brilliance's unique approach to redefining quantum computing, as well its potential impact and challenges.
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Niantic exec on mapping the future of gaming

Brian McClendon, Niantic's SVP of Engineering, discusses the future of AR gaming, the role of generative AI, and upcoming mixed reality tech.