APAC and the EU’s AI Act: Potential impacts explained

Here's how the EU's AI Act could influence APAC's technology sector, from regulatory shifts to cybersecurity and innovation strategies.

Seagate CCO believes it’s HAMR time for storage

Seagate CCO Ban-Seng Teh discusses the company’s efforts to expand data storage capacity, with efficiency and sustainability in mind.

Inside L’Oréal’s CX makeover with Salesforce

Discover how L’Oréal leverages AI and AR for customer care and product personalisation, enhancing digital and in-store experiences.

Job market is more than AI skills: LinkedIn exec

LinkedIn’s Hari Srinivasan discusses AI in the job market, their AI-driven tools, and the blend of tech and soft skills for the future.

Deepfakes: Unmasking the new face of cyber fraud

Examine the rise of deepfake technology in cyber fraud and the critical strategies for cybersecurity defence in the digital age.

Synapxe, Singapore’s healthtech agency, details its AI vision

Andy Ta of Synapxe delves into AI's role in elevating Singapore's healthcare, highlighting key strides in healthtech innovation.

Collaboration is key against state-sponsored attacks

Nathan Wenzler of Tenable discusses the fight against state-sponsored cyberthreats and the need for collaborative defence strategies.

Key enterprise tech takeaways from Singapore Budget 2024

Explore key highlights from Singapore's 2024 Budget, including AI development, support for SMEs, and new cyber defence strategies.

AI is shaping the future of engagement: MoEngage CEO

Discover MoEngage's journey in utilising AI for deeper customer engagement, featuring CEO Raviteja Dodda's key insights.

Honest AI is the future of work: Anthropic CEO

Anthropic's CEO Dario Amodei discusses creating AI Claude at Dreamforce 2023, AI deployment considerations, and the future of work.
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Money heist: Why cybercriminals are zeroing in on Singapore

Explore why cybercriminals target Singapore and learn about proactive strategies and government efforts to combat rising cyberthreats.