Binus unifies workflows with Workday

Bina Nusuntara (Binus) Group has deployed Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) and Workday Financial Management to support their continued expansion and growth, with Workday Adaptive Planning set to go live this year.

Indonesia-based Binus Group has over 30 business units and employs more than 3,500 employees across 20 offices and campuses. 

As part of its 2035 strategic plan to position itself as a world-class education institution, digitalisation is a key priority for the organisation.

Stephen Santoso, COO of BINUS Group, said it is crucial to their business strategy to accelerate digital transformation in today’s ever-evolving environment. 

“As we continue to deliver on our 2035 strategic plan, we are excited to be partnering with Workday to improve our business processes and empower our employees to thrive in their roles,” said Santoso.

“With Workday’s intuitive and user-friendly interface, we are sure that Binusians will have an enhanced employee experience,” he added. “With that, we will be able to work better, smarter, and more efficiently in this age of digital transformation.”

In addition, given the changing world of work, the company is also positioning itself for modern, hybrid work models. 

Employees can now view real-time data across various functions, including compensation, time tracking, talent, and performance from anywhere and at any time through the Workday mobile app. 

The introduction of a cloud-based solution and the adoption of advanced new technologies has also helped to drive digital finance transformation. 

From rapidly generating business reports to automating traditional but repetitive processes such as financial planning and reporting, employees are able to free up their time to take on higher value-added work.

With Workday’s unified platform, BINUS Group simplifies the complexity of managing its organisation and empowers both business leaders and teams to make informed decisions, accelerating its future growth.

Pannie Sia, Workday’s general manager in ASEAN, said implementing the right technology infrastructure to leverage data-driven insights will enable Binus Group to face the challenges, opportunities, and risks of today’s dynamic business landscape. 

“Supported by strong digital architecture, Binus Group will be able to strengthen its workforce and operational resilience to ensure its long-term success and growth,” said Sia.