Avanade switches on generative AI lab, CoE in Kuala Lumpur

Avanade has launched in Kuala Lumpur its first generative artificial intelligence (AI) lab in Southeast Asia, which also serves as the Microsoft solutions provider’s centre of excellence.

Located within Avanade’s Malaysia office in the heart and financial district of Kuala Lumpur, the lab is intended to help organisations accelerate their AI readiness through the opportunity to experiment and co-create generative AI solutions responsibly and build up their capabilities to extract business value from their data. 

By demonstrating how the responsible and innovative use of generative AI can enable employees in different functions achieve higher productivity, it also aims to help organisations adopt an AI-first mindset.

Avanade’s Trendlines research reveals that 85% of organisations globally expect AI to increase revenue growth by 2025. 

Also, almost nine in 10 respondents indicated that they would broaden their use and sharing of first-party data with other companies to drive innovation and growth.

By providing immersive workshops and demonstrations, the lab is intended to empower clients with tangible experiences that showcase the vast potential of generative AI-driven solutions. 

The features organisations can expect from Avanade’s generative AI lab include chatting with their data through interactive conversations; real-time voice analytics; and image generation demo through which they can visualise the creative capabilities of generative AI by creating visuals and designs using text inputs.

“With AI reshaping industries and redefining the relationship between people and technology, Avanade’s generative AI lab is the ideal sandbox for our clients to reimagine products and services for their customers and what the future of work looks like for their employees,” said Bhavya Kapoor, managing director of Avanade in Southeast Asia. 

As a pioneer in AI innovation, Avanade has collaborated closely with Microsoft. This has enabled Avanade to develop AI-powered solutions on the Microsoft cloud to drive industry and functional transformation globally.

Avanade’s generative AI lab is set to bring together best practices and innovative solutions under one roof to drive operational excellence and power a new era of innovation in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. 

The lab also complements Avanade’s recently launched generative AI services — the Avanade AI Organisational Readiness Framework and Avanade AI Governance Quick Start Service.