Aqilliz, Moving Walls pilot blockchain-driven ad push for foodpanda

Aqilliz is partnering with Moving Walls to facilitate what they tout as the world’s first blockchain-powered digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising pilot for global mobile food delivery giant foodpanda.

Designed to provide greater transparency to the global DOOH market which is expected to be valued at $32.1 billion by 2025, the pilot will offer an independent, real-time view of campaign performance, enabling brands to track whether their purchased impressions and advertising spots were played. 

Srikanth Ramachandran, founder and group CEO of Moving Walls, said that for far too long, OOH has existed without an independent means of verifying ad delivery.

“As an industry, we tend to point at online ad fraud to advocate for greater OOH spends but there are more fundamental issues of fragmentation and a lack of transparency that need to be fixed,” the CEO said.

“This campaign gives us the exciting opportunity to implement emerging technologies in order to solve these long-standing infrastructural problems to the benefit of all participating partners across the OOH supply chain,” he added.

With the use of the Zilliqa blockchain, the campaign will leverage smart contracts to provide a reliable, transparent ledger for media owners and buyers to verify the delivery of promised spots and impressions. 

As Aqilliz’s sole infrastructure provider, Zilliqa is a high-performance, high-security blockchain platform and is responsible for developing customised solutions for Aqilliz’s global network of enterprise partners. Zilliqa’s emphasis on scalability will allow stakeholders to verify the performance of their campaigns in near real time, enabling greater cost-efficiencies across the DOOH media supply chain.

“This pilot with Moving Walls can help to demonstrate the potential of blockchain as a viable solution to address such issues in the OOH space,” said Gowthaman Ragothaman, CEO of Aqilliz.

Laura Kantor, head of marketing and sustainability at foodpanda Singapore, said the campaign leverages 2,750 screens nationwide, and will enable them to better verify when, where, and to whom their digital ads are delivered.