Allen & Gledhill taps OutSystems for employee mobile app

Allen & Gledhill (A&G) has teamed up with app developer OutSystems to upgrade the Singaporean law firm’s mobile application for employees.

As part of A&G’s digital strategy, in-house developers have worked together with OutSystems to roll out the A&G app. The app is designed to augment employee services within the firm by digitalising legacy processes and speeding up administrative tasks. This is expected to result in improved operational efficiency and a conducive work environment for employees.

Prior to the partnership, A&G’s employee e-services were hosted on on-premises servers, which limited its use via the company’s intranet. This prevented the e-services from being truly mobile and accessible for staff.

With the new application developed on the OutSystems platform, the firm’s 800 employees in Singapore can access a wide range of corporate services, office management functions, and company updates in real time via their mobile devices and web browsers.

Efficient workflows

The A&G app streamlines workflows and processes, resulting in improved employee engagement and allowing teams to focus on providing better value for clients.

Mark Weaser, Vice President of Asia Pacific at OutSystems, emphasised the importance of driving innovation and improving operational efficiency across industries to remain competitive, particularly in today’s hybrid working era. Weaser also noted that while highly regulated industries such as the legal sector still rely on manual processes, the A&G and OutSystems partnership represents a significant step toward modernisation, aimed at bolstering employee engagement and strengthening capabilities to develop extensive digital infrastructure at A&G.

A&G used OutSystems’ low-code technology to deploy web-based and mobile applications on the cloud, which is said to have resulted in a modern and professional look.

Additionally, OutSystems provided infrastructure and educational resources that reduced overhead for A&G’s development team. These resources included simple licensing models, application hosting, and reduced development learning curves.

“At Allen & Gledhill, we recognise the importance of embracing technology to improve our internal systems, workflows, and client interactions. Our digital transformation strategy aims to enhance productivity and elevate the overall client experience. By leveraging new cloud-based technologies and digital workflows, we hope to continue delivering high-quality legal services to all our clients, both current and future,” said Darren Chan, Head of IS at Allen & Gledhill.

A&G completed the development of their mobile application in six months. The app includes features such as COVID-19 declaration forms, a company events calendar, and staff directories. Since its release in September 2022, A&G has further enhanced the application by adding additional features, including employee e-Namecards, internal Electric Vehicle bookings, and a Meeting Room reservation system.