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How DevOps helps banking and finance firms succeed

The banking and finance industry can benefit from a DevOps mindset via a platform team approach. Here's how.

Maximise remote working with these DevOps best practices

Here are three key DevOps best practices that can help developers looking to reap the benefits of working remotely.

Security and DevSecOps in financial services

IT experts flesh out issues and strategies, amid accelerated efforts by enterprises to embark on digital transformation.

Conquering digital transformation with distributed cloud

A distributed cloud platform could help companies resolve their IT infrastructure concerns as public cloud adoption grows. Here's how.

The outlook on business data in 2022

Business leaders will want to leverage data and analytics to drive competitiveness and growth. Here are trends that will reshape their strategies in 2022.

DevOps, automation, and configuration

Before automation, writing and deploying applications was much more complicated. This involved setting up servers, configuring them, installing the necessary software, and numerous other...

Observability in operations: How Lenovo uses Splunk

During the past decade, machine-generated data faced tremendous growth due to the increasing number of machines in IT infrastructures and the Internet of Things...

DevSecOps tips from the financial sector to secure your CI/CD pipeline

More and more enterprises are adopting a DevOps approach to developing software applications, creating continuous integration / continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines to streamline and...

Unique opportunity for developers to evolve

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a catalyst for innovation and digital transformation at speed from global leaders in business and government as they deal...

Resistance is futile: AIOps is the future

Enterprises have been hesitant to embrace artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ ML) to beef up their IT operations management, but analyst firm 451 Research predicts that...
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