Zuellig Pharma picks CYFIRMA to shore up cybersecurity

Zuellig Pharma has selected DeCYFIR, a cloud-based, AI-powered cybersecurity platform, to gain further visibility into its external threat landscape to uncover hacking campaigns and avert cyberattacks.

CYFIRMA is funded by Goldman Sachs, Zodius Capital and Z3Partners. According to its researchers, cyberattacks on healthcare more than doubled in 2020. 

COVID-19 response efforts, including vaccine research and supply chain were the largest focus of these targeted campaigns.

With CYFIRMA’s DeCYFIR platform, Zuellig Pharma has bolstered its cyber defence ammunition to accurately uncover cyberattacks at the early planning stage and take remedial actions to close vulnerabilities before hackers can compromise the network. 

The platform enables further visibility into the external threat landscape by monitoring the dark web, hacker forums and various closed communities to look for threat indicators that would signal cybercriminals planning to exploit security weaknesses that could lead to business disruption.

“As a healthcare services company delivering life-saving medicines to those who need them the most, we own and operate some of the most advanced cold chain facilities, managing temperature-sensitive medicines through innovative and digitalised processes,” said Mike Brewster, VP of technology at Zuellig Pharma. 

“The rapidly evolving threat landscape in the healthcare industry has shown us the importance of managing cybersecurity in dynamic ways, particularly as we continue rolling out more digitalization initiatives,” said Brewster. “CYFIRMA’s DeCYFIR will guide us in our response to cyber risks by providing us with real-time insights and early warnings to malicious activities targeting us.”

Kumar Ritesh, founder and CEO of CYFIRMA, said cybercrime has escalated, which is a clear sign that businesses need to review how they are currently managing their cybersecurity strategies and programs.