ZTE, China Mobile power China’s first 5G sporting events

Photo by Goh Ryh Yan

ZTE and the Shanxi Branch of China Mobile have broadcast the 2nd National Youth Games of China with integrated 5G Live TV solutions.

With ZTE’s 5G technologies widely adopted in video collection, editing, broadcasting and transmission for the live streaming of the 2nd National Youth Games, it is China’s first 5G sporting event.

ZTE’s Digital Intelligent Indoor System 5G-QCell solution covers multiple major venues, including the main stadium. This solution provides the audience with three distinctive 5G scenarios, including multi-angle views, flexible zooming, and free viewpoint.

Backed up with technologies such as MEC and low latency coding, ZTE’s 5G Live TV solutions reduce the live end-to-end latency to less than one second, so that the off-site audience can experience the games in real time.

Moreover, by means of the video production and playback technologies, the on-site spectators can enjoy a special viewing experience on the multi-angle live streaming app.

In addition, the IPTV subscribers of the Shanxi Branch of China Mobile can also access the real-time multi-angle UHD live games on the IPTV platform, watching the high-definition game from four different viewing angles, thereby providing subscribers with a customised game watching experience.

With the large-scale deployments of 5G networks and vigorous development of 8K/VR/AR video technologies, ZTE will continue to promote 5G Live TV commercialisation in collaboration with partners, exploring the live streaming solutions, industry applications, and in-depth cooperation among industry players in 5G.