Zenlayer ramps up data centre with Juniper Networks

Zenlayer has engaged Juniper Networks for data centre network upgrades to help drive its rapid growth as a global edge cloud services provider, and to achieve instantaneous worldwide connectivity through its software-defined platforms.

The edge cloud services provider now offers its on-demand bare metal cloud, SD-WAN, cloud networking and managed services from a global footprint of over 180 nodes across six continents. 

For long-term growth, Zenlayer has identified the enablement of the rapid rise of emerging markets as a key priority, having expanded and developed its operations across regions such as Southeast Asia, South America, Russia, the Middle East and North Africa. 

By providing secure, stable and sustainable access to networking resources, Zenlayer helps enterprises across its markets to deploy applications near their users, expand their global presence and improve the digital experience offered to their end customers.

To ensure continued scalability alongside its substantial growth momentum, Zenlayer required a significant expansion of its global networking infrastructure. This would allow the company to address several priorities, including the capacity to support the ever-increasing demand for lower latency services across industries like gaming and video streaming, as well as the ability to step up its research and development efforts in areas such as intent-based networking.

A long-time partner, Juniper Networks was selected again for Zenlayer’s latest upgrade and to further introduce agile, automated and AI-driven innovation across its network.

“The strong hardware and technical support from Juniper Networks have been crucial toward reducing network transmission delays while maintaining high levels of performance and reliability,” said Ansan Chen, VP of product and platform at Zenlayer.

“The rich routing features and powerful automation capabilities have also provided a strong foundation for agile operations and our continued business growth,” said Chen.

Norman Lam, Juniper Networks VP and general manager in China, said the demand for greater, faster and smoother global interconnectivity is rising by the day in this increasingly cloud-first world.