Zebra Technologies, Singapore Polytechnic groom skilled talents

Zebra Technologies has signed with Singapore Polytechnic a three-year memorandum of understanding (MOU), which outlines their intention to work as part of the Singapore Polytechnic Advanced Manufacturing Partners Network.

The network serves to benefit more than 240 Singapore Polytechnic students with a Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering and Diploma in Computer Engineering.

Also, the network seeks to build a growing and sustainable eco-system of like-minded industry leaders like Zebra Technologies, to achieve its vision of supporting Singapore’s Advanced Manufacturing initiatives.

“Singapore’s vision to become a global hub for Advanced Manufacturing has spurred a transformational desire for the manufacturing sector to digitalise,” said Toh Ser Khoon, director of Singapore Polytechnic’s School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

“Singapore Polytechnic recognises the importance of building a pipeline of talent to ensure that the current and future workforce is equipped with the skillsets and competencies to develop and manage Advanced Manufacturing solutions.”

The collaboration between Zebra Technologies and Singapore Polytechnic will take place across multiple fronts — including student-internship opportunities, co-development of Industry 4.0 projects and solutions that will benefit local enterprises.

“With high-value advanced manufacturing being a critical pillar of the sector’s transformation, our work with Singapore Polytechnic is a positive step toward ensuring a pipeline of skilled talent, that is attuned to the industry’s future needs,” said Fang-How Lim, regional director for Southeast Asia a t Zebra Technologies.

“Zebra Technologies is committed to sharing our expertise to prepare Singapore’s next-generation workforce,” said Lim. “Building the requisite skills for Advanced Manufacturing is critical as the nation gears up to be the region’s global hub in this space.”