Yoshinoya expands Hong Kong business thru e-commerce

Yoshinoya has partnered with on-demand logistics technology platform Zeek to hasten and expand the Japanese multinational fast-food chain’s business in Hong Kong through ZeekSolutions.

The solution is one of the proprietary products of Zeek, which offers SaaS solutions to F&B and retail businesses, including the establishment of a Yoshinoya-branded online channel and full range of instant logistics services plug-in. 

Through ZeekSolutions, companies can leverage their customer data with analytics to curate strategic marketing promotions in a cost-effective manner. 

ZeekSolutions has already assisted over 50 brands and simplified the connection from restaurants and e-commerce to their customers and was instrumental in assisting these brands to venture their Quick Commerce business in the new normal.

“As one of our well-received services in the market, ZeekSolutions enables corporate clients, using ZeekStore module, to build their branded Quick Commerce ordering channel, apply geofencing for intelligent store assignment and integrate with POS/CRM/Apps,” said K Chiu, CEO of Zeek.

“The customer experience is completed with flexible ordering options, from pre-ordering to instant deliveries and takeaways,” said Chiu.

Janet Yuen, CEO of Hung’s Food Group, said that through the collaboration with ZeekStore, Yoshinoya customers will enjoy the convenience of food ordering at their workplaces or homes.

Yuen said the territory-wide delivery network of Zeek’s also helped Yoshinoya to reach customers easily from anywhere and at any time. 

“We can also streamline the entire ordering process starting from order placement to final delivery for enhancing the customer-restaurant relationship,” she added. “I believe that the seamless setup of Yoshinoya’s online ordering platform by ZeekStore will offer our customers a beneficial dining experience.”