Yorkshire Water picks LTIMindtree to upgrade core business

Image courtesy of Yorkshire Water

United Kingdom-based utilities company Yorkshire Water Picked LTIMindtree, a global technology consulting and digital solutions provider, to modernise operations across its clean water, waste water, and asset management businesses. 

As part of the partnership, India-based LTIMindtree will help migrate Yorkshire Water’s core business systems to the SAP S/4HANA platform covering a wide range of areas such as work and asset management, complex scheduling, materials management, inventory management, health, and safety. 

By automating and simplifying processes, consolidating data, and modernising core systems using intelligent technologies, LTIMindtree will enable Yorkshire Water to boost operational efficiencies, augment capabilities, and enhance user experience. 

Unified management of assets, workforce, and finances will allow Yorkshire Water to drive integrated planning and scheduling of work, and dynamic asset maintenance across the organisation.

“This engagement is key to our ability to deliver water and wastewater services in a resilient, sustainable, and cost-effective manner,” said Lee Harris, head of technology change at Yorkshire Water. 

“Our services support not just the basic health needs of our customers, but also the long-term economic growth of the region,” said Harris. “In LTIMindtree, we have a partner who brings a rich portfolio of innovative offerings, and proven track record of helping similar transformation programmes. 

He said this partnership will bring them closer to their vision of what shape their operations should take in the future for them to proactively address the future economic, social, and environmental needs of Yorkshire.

Sudhir Chaturvedi, president and executive board member of LTIMindtree, said that by blending their next-generation ERP expertise and industry experience with the advanced end-to-end capabilities of SAP S/4HANA, they are accelerating the digital transformation of a critical national infrastructure and helping Yorkshire Water deliver services tailored to customer needs.