Yanolja taps QueryPie to firm up data governance

Cloud-based PMS provider Yanolja chose QueryPie’s data governance platform to enable them to offering all kinds of leisure services without compromising data privacy. 

Through enterprise use cases from leading companies, QueryPie plans to demonstrate more successful positive customer adoptions in the future.

A South Korea-based unicorn, Yanolja responds to data security concerns such as database growth and access rights management while expanding its services with its Super App. 

A key reason for QueryPie selection was efficiency and standardisation across the company’s data architecture, ultimately maximising its data assets’ value. 

QueryPie also ensured Yanolja’s PCI Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) compliance by tracking database access, changes, authorisation history, and SQL performance.

“Data sources are scattered across the organization, creating difficulty tracking ownership, data access, and usage,” said Sungsun Lee, leader of Yanolja’s  database engineering team. “We needed a solution that would cut down on repetitive approvals and improve privacy policies.”

Lee said QueryPie provides Yanolja with the ability to manage all their data assets in one place.  He added that QueryPie’s APIs are ideal for configuring database access control and audit functions.

QueryPie is an advanced data governance solution developed by CHEQUER’s database experts that simplifies accessing scattered data sources and managing data privacy policies in one place. 

QueryPie offers user or group-specific data access, privacy policy management, and auditing via an online web solution that seamlessly integrates existing data environments and assets for cloud-native and on-premise data-driven businesses.