Worldpay taps ACI to rev up alternative payment methods

Photo courtesy of Mein Deal

ACI Worldwide has entered into an international relationship with Worldpay which will use ACI’s UP eCommerce Payments solution to accelerate the roll-out of alternative payment methods (APMs) to its global merchant network.

Worldpay accepts more than 300 payment types, and will use ACI’s UP eCommerce Payments solution to broaden the number of APMs available in different regions across the globe, alongside speeding up time to market for merchants.

The partnership will enable Worldpay to further promote innovation and the development of new strategic products and services.

UP eCommerce Payments is an integrated payments gateway and risk management solution that gives merchants access to an extensive global payments network for cross-border payment processing and local acquiring solutions, coupled with advanced business intelligence tools and sophisticated real-time fraud prevention capabilities.

ACI’s solution supports hundreds of ways to pay across more than 160 countries; it is built using a flexible, platform-based, open payments architecture that is available via a single point of integration.

Payments setup can be configured to suit clients’ individual needs, without additional infrastructure costs or multiple integrations.

Asif Ramji, chief product and marketing officer at Worldpay, said that working with ACI not only enables his company to offer our clients fast and seamless access to a growing number of APMs in new markets, it allows Worldpay to focus even more on developing new innovative services and technology solutions.

“As more of our merchants expand into cross-border and cross-channel trade, offering local payment types that are recognised, trusted and utilised by consumers is an increasingly important factor for business success,” Ramji said.

Benny Tadele, VP for merchant solutions at ACI Worldwide, cited industry research which shows that offering the top three payment methods in any market, rather than only the top one, can increase merchants’ conversion rates up to 30%.

“Today, payment methods once described as nascent can quickly become mainstream, especially in a mobile-first world,” Tadele said. UP eCommerce Payments enables Worldpay to quickly take advantage of new emerging payment trends.”