Vonage secures global gaming for Korean firm PUBG

Vonage is helping Korea-based online game developer PUBG to safeguard its worldwide gamers with its Verify API.

With multiple operational offices globally across North America, Europe, Japan and China, PUBG is the publisher and developer of the 2017 hit battle royale video game, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG).

PUBG is using Vonage’s Verify API to implement two-factor authentication (2FA) to improve the security of its platform. Vonage Verify will authenticate new users, safeguarding the site against fraud and fake users. It will also establish the legitimacy of player game items exchange, preventing the transfer and sale of illegal items.

With the number of gamers growing every year, the gaming industry has become a target of fraud. A 2018 research report by ACI Worldwide and Newzoo revealed that one in three gamers are less likely to spend money on games online due to fraud concerns.

“Given the increased threat of fraud in the gaming community, we needed a quick, simple way to identify and validate genuine customer transactions,” PUBG said in a statement. “With 2FA capabilities from Vonage, we are protecting our customers against theft, building trust and increasing customer loyalty.”

Using just a phone number, Vonage generates codes, localises and employs the fastest channel available, switching from SMS to voice when needed, to authenticate new and existing customers. This works in tandem with the Vonage SMS API which allows customers to send SMS verification codes to users who register for their service.

With its enhanced Customer Relationship Management, Vonage will also provide PUBG with 24/7 support via phone, chat, email and web, direct communication with a designated support engineer and feedback on country-specific Verify success rates.

“Fraud is a growing concern for many online industries, and verifying users is critical to protecting a business’s reputation and its customers,” said Sunny Rao, Vonage SVP and GM for the Asia-Pacific region.

“Vonage Verify gives customers the ability to authenticate end-users on their preferred channel and customise the failover workflow process with no coding or development, giving customers total control to reach end-users and improve customer acquisition easily,” said Rao.