Vietnam Airlines taps Qualtrics for customer experience insights

Photo of Ho Chi Minh City by T.H. Chia

Vietnam Airlines is using Qualtrics CustomerXM as part of the company’s efforts to create a more robust and tailored customer experience for its passengers, which count 22 million yearly.

With Qualtrics CustomerXM — a comprehensive experience management platform — Vietnam Airlines is able to capture and respond to customer feedback in real-time.

The national carrier of Vietnam has also increased the volume of customer engagement captured and research scope.

“Qualtrics initiatives have enabled Vietnam Airlines to reduce the time needed to collect and respond to customer feedback from months to weeks,” ,” said Ngo Hong Minh, director of Passenger Service Department at Vietnam Airlines.

Vietnam Airlines deployed a number of dynamic data collection tools on Qualtrics CustomerXM to derive new perspectives of its entire customer experience. These include dynamic and custom data collection tools that can focus on priority areas in the customer’s experience, real-time website feedback, QR code feedback capabilities for higher response rates in regions such as China and Singapore where this method of engagement is preferred, and an offline app for “mystery shoppers” to use.

Customer responses are presented back to Vietnam Airlines in role-based dashboards that can be accessed from any device in real-time. Stakeholders collaborate to create unique pages and apply filters to pinpoint specific moments — like reservations, check-in, and online booking — across the carrier’s more than 30 branch offices and representative offices in more than 20 countries and territories. 

”Combining experience data captured by Qualtrics CustomerXM with operational data has inspired a number of changes to the customer experience we create at Vietnam Airlines — from the food and drink we serve through to conversations at check-in,” Minh said.

“Since going live on the Qualtrics platform in late 2017, we’re proud to have maintained  our Skytrax 4-Star status which now extends to fourth year running, and achieved a record profit of 2.8 trillion Vietnamese dong [about $120 million] in 2018,” added Minh.