TigerGraph, NUS push business analytics, graph database skills

The National University of Singapore Business Analytics Centre (NUS BAC) and analytics platform provider TigerGraph are working together to enhance business analytics curriculum and strengthen students’ graph database capabilities.

Part of the technology that powers search engines and online product recommendations, a graph database allows analysts to find connections among the data. 

In business analytics, a graph database can be used to improve revenue through product and service marketing, manage risks through fraud protection, as well as optimise resources through supply chain analysis.

The collaboration aims to enhance students’ skills in using graph databases through related software and resources by TigerGraph. NUS business analytics students can also look forward to capstone internship opportunities with TigerGraph and its partners.

Jointly formed by the NUS School of Computing and NUS Business School, NUS BAC offers the Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) programme.

“Graph analytics is an emerging field which can help to solve some of the problems that traditional analysis can’t solve,” said NUS BAC co-director James Pang Yan.

“This talent pool will in turn help to meet the growing demand of businesses, in Singapore and in the region, who turn to analytics to improve operations,” he said.

TigerGraph supports transactional as well as analytical workloads, is ACID compliant, and scales up and out with database sharding. Its technology also supports applications such as fraud detection, customer360, IoT, AI and machine learning to make sense of ever-changing big data.

“The addition of TigerGraph Native Parallel Graph to the curriculum of one of the best Business Analytics Master programmes in the world underscores the demand from academia and industry alike for all things graph in order to accelerate digital transformation of Singapore businesses,” said Serene Keng, TigerGraph managing director of channel and alliances for Asia Pacific and Japan.