► The relationship between healthcare delivery and connectivity

This podcast is sponsored by CommScope.

Hospitals and other large-scale healthcare organizations depend on a network that enables information to flow freely, accurately and reliably. With this foundation in place, patients receive better treatment, IT and Operations Technology can develop shared avenues of efficiency, and compliance with HIPAA, GDPR, HIMMS and other regulations becomes simpler and more certain.

We have with us Thierry Chau, Global Director for Business Development at CommScope, who explains how connectivity is positively impacting outpatient or ambulatory care, especially in the rural parts of Asia-Pacific. The following issues are addressed:

  • Healthcare is moving out of the hospitals, and into hospices, secondary care facilities and even into homes. What sort of technological toolbox is necessary to cater to the rise of outpatient or ambulatory care?
  • In remote areas or rural heartlands, how does connectivity impact healthcare provision? Telemedicine usage is growing in APAC – what sort of infrastructure is necessary to make it reliable?
  • How can network robustness impact healthcare delivery? Is there a direct correlation?
  • Operationally, what challenges does increased incidence of outpatient services for a hospital present, and how can they be mitigated using better technology – especially in the connectivity space?