Thales links LTTS, Qualcomm for smart metros

Thales chose L&T Technology Services (LTTS) to offer 5G driven next-gen connectivity solutions, which will include collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies that would allow LTTS to provide cutting edge solutions to urban railway operators.

The solution leverages LTTS’ chip-to-cloud expertise, as well as technology portfolio of connected IoT devices and 5G small cells based on Qualcomm, to develop and deploy solutions for the Global 5G Private Network Industry, with digital offerings aimed at accelerating transformation across a range of industries including railway networks, aerospace, and automotive.

LTTS’ end-to-end 5G capabilities promises to enable global enterprises with faster deployment, cutting-edge applications, and well-rounded managed services. This in turn facilitates creation of virtual private networks for 5G. 

With the support of Qualcomm’s 5G technologies that enable intelligent cloud edge convergence, LTTS has established a Centre of Excellence (CoE) for 5G in Santa Clara, California. 

This CoE showcases a plethora of critical 5G driven applications, and its Lab-as-a-service offerings include MEC use cases development, end-to-end service validation, POC development showcasing and system integration, as well as validation and verification services for customers in key verticals.

The solution will include collaboration from Qualcomm which will provide pre-integrated Private Network solutions based on the Qualcomm FSM 100 5G RAN Platform for Small Cells, and in the future, add the Qualcomm Edgewise Suite – a premium RAN automation and management solution. 

LTTS will facilitate end-to-end system integration, design, and implementation of use cases, engineering consulting, and deployment services along with edge-to-cloud orchestration. 

All these would help Thales in its efforts to establish the “Internet of Smart Metros” which will enable metros and urban railway networks to “talk” to each other and ultimately transform the passenger experience with comfortable, seamless journeys and new services.

The need for increased efficiency in rail network operations coupled with the growing demand for advanced transportation infrastructure has contributed to the evolution of engineering and R&D services in the railroad sector. 

“As the transportation industry becomes more data-driven, this 5G-enabled Internet of Things (IoT) deployments will provide new ways to monitor metros and infrastructure and deliver the best possible user experience,” said Ziad Rizk, Thales COO for Urban Rail Signalling.

LTTS COO Abhishek Sinha said that through our collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies, we are poised to significantly improve the next-mile connectivity in underground transportation leveraging private 5G networks. 

“LTTS’ deep tech capabilities will further accelerate the potential of private 5G in Thales, Urban Rail Signalling’s underground and high-speed rail networks, potentially benefitting commuters around the globe,” said Abhishek.