Thailand gets AI enabled cloud platform

True IDC and Tencent
Image courtesy of True IDC.

True IDC, a company providing data center and cloud services in Thailand, and Tencent (Thailand) are collaborating to introduce an “Interactive and AI-Enabled Cloud Platform”, offering a complete range of cloud platform services to the public and private sectors. The in-country cloud platform is expected to enable organizations, ranging from state agencies, financial institutions to enterprises, with a strategic option to provide cloud solutions within the country on a world-class cloud platform.

Supparat Sivapetchranat Singhara Na Ayutthaya, Managing Director of True IDC, revealed that “In 2019, revenues from cloud services in Thailand have an annual average growth of 31.5%*. True IDC foresees that the projected growth can be exceeded if there is an in-country scalable and secure cloud platform service that has complete of set of infrastructures as a service, platform as a service and software as a service capabilities that can support multi-tenant and single tenant use cases required by both the private and public sectors.

“In collaboration with Tencent (Thailand), the in-country world-class cloud platform will enable organizations and businesses with an option to keep their data within the country such as the government, financial institutions, and media content service providers. More importantly, the inception of such a world-class cloud platform in the country results in foreign direct investments and eventually make Thailand a digital epicenter of Indochina.”

Chang Foo, Chief Operating Officer of Tencent Thailand, said “Thailand is a country that has enjoyed rapid growth in the digital economy, and we are well aware of the potential and importance of fulfilling digital needs of the nation, especially their needs for smart cloud services. That is why we have established a center in Thailand to support the cloud platform. This is to enable the growth of both private and public sectors that seek meaningful digital transformations.

“We are glad to join hands with True IDC that has demonstrated solid experience and been recognized in the local data center business and across all sectors. We believe this collaboration will enable us to deliver world-class cloud experience through this smart platform together with a full array of vertical solutions and cutting-edge technology, including Face Recognition, Smart Retail Solution, and CDN (Content Delivery Network). This Interactive and AI-Enabled Cloud Platform will drive Thai business to have access to high quality cloud services and helps to strengthen the digital infrastructure of the nation, which is key to the economy in this digital age.”

The collaboration aims to provide local businesses with “highly smart and secure cloud solutions at lower costs, enabling them to improve their efficiencies and performances and thus enabling the nation to maintain its competitive edge in this age of digital transformation”, according to the press release.