Temasek, two California firms join Libra Association

The Libra Association has welcomed as new members Temasek, Paradigm and Slow Ventures. 

The addition brings in members from different industries, geographies and sectors to help catalyze development over the long term the design of a blockchain-based payment system that supports responsible financial services innovation and inclusion for billions of people.

Earlier this year, Libra Association also announced the inclusion as members of including Heifer International,, Shopify and Tagomi.

Singapore-based Temasek brings a differentiated position as an Asia-focused investor. With its forward looking and long term view, Temasek sees innovative technologies such as blockchain as transformative enablers of growth. Temasek’s efforts to support and advance the use of blockchain technology across a range of use cases, asset classes and sectors, reflects its drive to explore, develop and invest in solutions to bring about a better, smarter, and more sustainable world.

California-based Paradigm and Slow Ventures add to the association’s membership of investment funds, whose technological prowess and commitment to developing the blockchain and digital assets market segment will help spur long term developments in the Libra payment system’s open and competitive standard.

Paradigm is a crypto investment firm focused on leading cryptoassets and businesses from the earliest stages of idea formation through maturity. Slow Ventures invests in companies central to the technology industry and those on the edges of science, society, and culture. Slow Ventures has backed successful technology-driven disruptors including Slack, Postmates and Airtable.

“The addition of three new members to the Libra Association shows our commitment to building a diverse group of organisations that will contribute to the governance, technological roadmap and launch readiness for the Libra payment system,” ,” said Dante Disparte, Vice Chairman and head of policy and communications for the Libra Association.

“Each of these organisations shares our overall mission alignment bringing unique capabilities and long term focus on market development for blockchain and digital assets,” said Disparte.