Telkom Indonesia taps Synchronoss to ramp up services

Telkom Indonesia is partnering with Synchronoss Technologies for the latter’s Digital Experience Platform (DXP) to simplify its business processes and enhance customer interactions across all communications channels.

Synchronoss DXP enables operators, service providers and other companies to design a unified, interactive customer experience across mobile apps, call centres, in-store point-of-sale interactions and online.

Telkom Indonesia can use the platform across all its business units, including consumer and enterprise services, to improve its operational agility and support the expansion of digital services that incorporate new media, content and e-commerce offerings.

Telkom Indonesia expects benefits from the DXP such as scalability, flexibility and built-in functionality as well as effortless integration with legacy customer relationship management and complex back-end systems, in-depth data mapping and analytics capabilities that aggregate and analyse customer data to create cross-selling opportunities through customised offers, and capacity to personalise customer care in real time based on individual preferences.

Also, DXP touts an easy-to-use, intuitive drag-and-drop dashboard that allows staff without developer or coding experience to easily create, configure and launch end-to-end digital customer journeys across multiple engagement channels. It also promises the ability to quickly develop, connect and integrate new digital services with minimal cost and disruption.

“Operators need to radically overhaul their legacy operations and be more intelligent and responsive to customers,” said Glenn Lurie, president and CEO of Synchronoss. “In so doing, they can add extra value, boost subscriber retention and unlock new revenue opportunities.”