TeleGeography benchmark tool helps firms pick right data centre

TeleGeography has launched its WAN Geography Benchmark tool to enable users to identify the most connected data centre facilities across the globe and choose local and global hubs based on more than a million data points.

The WAN Cost Benchmark offers detailed analysis of which data centres are the best fit for an enterprise’s preferences and locations. It offers customised recommendations for optimising network architecture for the cloud, with a methodology that ranks data centres based on priorities set by the enterprise user. 

A sample dataset shared by TeleGeography evaluated data centre connectivity and cost using 10 global cities— London, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, New York, Shanghai, Tokyo, Mumbai, Sydney, and Mexico City — based on their prevalence in real multinational enterprise networks. 

In this scenario, Equinix FR5 (Frankfurt), Telehouse London Docklands West (London), CoreSite LA1 (Los Angeles), MEGA-I (Hong Kong), and Equinix HK 1 (Hong Kong) had the highest number of carriers present at their facilities. 

Equinix FR5 leads the segment with 166 carrier networks available and 37 cloud access providers, offering enterprises a hyperconnected hub for local, global, and cloud connectivity.  

“The WAN Geography Benchmark delivers bespoke scoring for each facility based on an enterprise’s individual requirements. It removes the complexity from decision making and enables enterprises to develop business cases with reliable and trusted data,” said Greg Bryan, senior manager of enterprise research at TeleGeography.

“We give enterprises the tools to understand the opportunity in each facility and build the networks they need,” said Bryan.

Top data centre locations from this sample scenario — based on the model’s scoring system, which takes into account distance (location within the metro area), carrier connectivity, cloud connectivity, and price — were Coresite (in Los Angeles), SUNeVision (Hong Kong and Shanghai), TELEHOUSE (London), GPX Global Systems (Mumbai), and Equinix (London, Frankfurt, Mexico City, New York, and Sydney).

“Our WAN Geography Benchmark simplifies and automates the process (of identifying the best data centre that suits their needs) and makes mission-critical data and insights immediately available,” said Tim Stronge, VP of research at TeleGeography. “This empowers enterprises and enables them to find the right facilities for meeting their business objectives.”