TasNetworks, Ciena bring into the grid remote areas in Tasmania

Tasmanian Networks chose Ciena’s coherent optical solutions to address rising bandwidth requirements driven by IoT, 5G and data center services.

To provide end-users across the state with connectivity for mission-critical tasks, Ciena’s WaveLogic Ai coherent optical solution provides TasNetworks’ commercial technology subsidiary 42-24 with improved capacity, programmability and efficiency in its network.

In order to adapt to dynamic requirements, especially in remote and rural areas on the West Coast of Tasmania, 42-24 requires a programmable solution that delivers more capacity for its business and government customers.

“Our goal is to provide connectivity to users who didn’t have it before,” said Kelly Bowring, leader of 42-24. “In support of government initiatives, we provide access to technology that enables people across Tasmania to create value for their community such as developing new skills and driving innovation.”

With Ciena’s WaveLogic Ai, 42-24 can double the traffic capacity per optical wavelength deployed and extend connectivity across longer distances, achieving single-carrier 200G for long-haul applications.

This increased capacity per wavelength enables 42-24 to deploy less equipment thereby making more efficient use of network assets, reducing power consumption for a greener network, and lowering overall costs.

WaveLogic Ai also helps determine optimal capacity for any path across 42-24’s network and can tune to different capacity levels -– from 100 Gbps to 400Gbps –- in 50Gbps increments via open software interfaces. As a result, Ciena helps the network operator reduce operational expenses and avoid manual errors.

With Ciena, 42-24 enables customers to implement private statewide wide area networks over a carrier-grade communications network, providing the level of performance and security required for crucial applications.

“One of the biggest opportunities facing utility providers today is providing more digital services to achieve stronger business outcomes while also contributing to the future of society,” said Matt Vesperman, Ciena’s regional managing director for Australia and New Zealand.

“With Ciena’s leading optical technology, 42-24 is transforming its business to enable reliable service for customers and deliver stronger customer experiences for all types of users across the country,” said Vesperman.