Taiwan Star Telecom picks Nokia for 5G network

Taiwan Star Telecom (TST) chose Nokia as the lone provider of its end-to-end AirScale Radio Access network portfolio to help launch 5G non-standalone networks that will lay the foundations for 5G standalone in the future.

Nokia previously installed TST’s LTE network, which will now be migrated to 5G services using Nokia’s AirScale BTS and AirScale Radio Access solutions to deliver excellent coverage and capacity to end-users. 

Also, Nokia’s AirScale massive MIMO solution will be supplied, offering comprehensive coverage. Nokia Global Services will execute rollouts, network design and optimisation along with technical software and hardware support using digital and automated services delivery. 

TST recently secured 40 MHz of bandwidth and is already underway with the initial phase of network deployment. Early deployment will see 126 commercial districts and retail zones covered which is expected to be completed by the third quarter of 2020, with 80% of metropolitan areas covered by 2023.

Further, the deal includes multiple Nokia Software products, such as the NetAct mobile network management system which will deliver tools for troubleshooting, administration, software management and configuration management.

Nokia’s Smart Plan Suite, designed as a cloud-native solution for the needs of 5G and IoT, will provide policy control and converged charging capabilities as well as enabling the creation of innovative digital services with the agility and flexibility required to react quickly to changing market conditions.

TST also will deploy Nokia’s Subscriber Data Management, a critical function in telecommunication networks. With the arrival of 5G and the evolution to cloud architectures, managing all subscribers’ data and services efficiently is essential to ensure an operator’s business profitability.

Cliff Lai, president of Taiwan Star, said their continued collaboration with Nokia who will support and help realise their ambition of delivering 5G services to subscribers country-wide.