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AIOps solutions for APAC retailers’ networking issues

Explore how AIOps and AI networking address major networking challenges for APAC retailers, enhancing efficiency and security.

Cloud migration drivers beyond cost and scale

Explore how businesses like Siam Makro, Lotus, and MindChamps use cloud technology to innovate, streamline processes, and stay competitive.

APAC retailers use tech for personalised shopping experiences

Explore how retailers in APAC are adapting to consumers' desire for immersive shopping experiences with digital technologies.

Unleashing the power of data for retailers and FMCG businesses

IT experts and executives from the retail and FMCG fields explore the challenges and opportunities of using data to gain a competitive edge.

Does the future of supply chains lie in the metaverse?

The metaverse could become part of the digital fabric of future organisations by enhancing supply chain visibility.

Singapore Tourism Accelerator highlights inventive tech start-ups

The Singapore Tourism Board - or STB - had a novel idea: to promote the country’s tourism, why not support companies that are developing...

OG department store customer info stolen in data breach

Singapore-based OG department store said in a statement that on January 4, it was notified of a data breach, which affected members in its...

Jumbo-scale digitalisation for a restaurant chain

Digital transformation is impacting every facet of a company’s operations. This may include human resources, marketing, collaboration, and consumer processes. For restaurants, in particular,...

Never waste a crisis: How BHG is transforming its retail business

The COVID-19 pandemic has made transformation a necessity, as companies find new ways of delivering value to customers in a new normal. One sector...
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