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Data optimisation strategies for the manufacturing industry

In a roundtable on optimising data, senior IT leaders from the manufacturing sector discuss optimisation challenges and opportunities.

Does the future of supply chains lie in the metaverse?

The metaverse could become part of the digital fabric of future organisations by enhancing supply chain visibility.

A connected digital infrastructure can help address chip shortage

Here are ways semicon companies can create a digital infrastructure to unlock efficiency, ease disruptions, and future-proof their functions.

Monitoring systems can support IT-OT merge in manufacturing

Advanced monitoring systems will play a critical role in supporting the convergence of IT and OT in manufacturing. Here's how.

Manufacturers in Asia are bridging the offline and virtual worlds

Businesses in Asia are blending cutting-edge technologies with traditional processes for transformative results. Here's how.

Pall President on chipmaking and the tech behind it

We spoke to Pall's Naresh Narasimhan about long-term trends in chipmaking, their Singapore expansion plans, and more.

How to uncover blind spots in manufacturing’s IAM strategies

Identity and Access Management (or IAM) is vital in manufacturing. Here are ways to find IAM strategy blind spots to mitigate problems before they happen.

Evolving traditional industries beyond the pandemic

With COVID, traditional industries struggled to stay productive amid labour shortages. Companies in Asia digitalised to survive, but many have flourished.

Challenges and opportunities in the Southeast Asia semicon sector

According to American trade organisation Semiconductor Industry Association (via The Economist), 80% of global chipmaking capacity currently resides in Asia. Taiwan’s semiconductor industry, by...

How the manufacturing industry can protect itself in a digital world

In the 1936 American comedy film Modern Times starring Charlie Chaplin, his onscreen persona Little Tramp struggles to stay afloat in a modernizing, industrial world. The scene...
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