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Securing IT, OT, IoT, and IoMT in healthcare

Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) devices can pose healthcare risks. Here's what you should know and how you can secure them.

Laying the foundation for Singapore’s digital healthcare infrastructure

Technology experts discuss the hurdles that healthcare organisations face when digitalising, and how to overcome such difficulties.

How a digital mindset powered Doctor Anywhere’s telehealth journey

Lim Wai Mun, Founder and CEO of Doctor Anywhere, talks about how the telehealth app started, the tech they use, and more.

Singapore organisations outline genomics as game changer in developing drugs, vaccines,...

In a Lenovo and Intel whitepaper, Singapore companies outline genomics as a game changer in developing drugs, vaccines, and precision medicine.

Sniffing out threats in Bluetooth low-energy medical devices

Devices that run on the Internet of Medical Things (or IoMT) can jeopardise patient safety. But there's a way to secure such vulnerabilities.

Refining hospital processes with BI and analytics

Dr. Tullawat Pacharapha of Vejthani Hospital talks about how adopting data analytics helped them provide better patient care.

Optimising healthcare via digital workflows

Healthcare organisations can be more efficient, agile, and resilient through digital workflows. Here's what you need to know.

Securing healthcare data as cyberthreats evolve

In a recent virtual panel, security experts discuss how healthcare institutions can heighten their security to avoid data breaches.

Redefining patient experience during a pandemic through technology

A panel of specialists discuss various issues related to patient care amid the COVID-19 pandemic, alongside several suggestions to address them.

Raising the bar for patient education and activation via machine learning

At the Healthcare Frontiers virtual conference, Dr. Praveen Deorani talked about the use of machine learning models for patient education and activation.
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