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Synapxe, Singapore’s healthtech agency, details its AI vision

Andy Ta of Synapxe delves into AI's role in elevating Singapore's healthcare, highlighting key strides in healthtech innovation.

Bracing Singapore’s healthcare for the silver tsunami

Discover Singapore's digital strides in healthcare for the ageing population, emphasising Healthier SG and partnerships.

Shaping health: Synapxe’s AWS-backed lab launch

Explore Synapxe's latest venture: a healthtech innovation lab in partnership with AWS, aiming to transform Singapore's public healthcare.

Synapxe director talks strategy for healthcare data security

Leonard Ong of Synapxe discusses healthcare data security, AI's role, and addressing cybersecurity threats in the healthcare sector.

Rx for healthcare: IHH Singapore COO on tech’s impact

Delve into insights from IHH Singapore's COO on integrating tech in healthcare, covering robotics to digital advancements, reshaping care.

Fullerton Health automates its way into the future

Fullerton Health's Medical Director Dr Ethan Lim details their approach to streamlining healthcare operations with AI and Workato.

How IHH Healthcare removed pain points with automation

IHH Healthcare Singapore enhances operations and patient care through automation, fostering an innovation-driven culture via Botathons.

Bridging healthcare gaps with communication technology

Explore how healthcare institutions in APAC are using communication technology like Zoom to overcome challenges and improve patient care.

Alpro Pharmacy earns its stripes with Zebra Technologies RFID

Frontier Enterprise interviews Lee Yin Chen of Alpro Pharmacy on how Zebra Technologies' solutions have enhanced their inventory management.

Enhance patient-first healthcare with better data practices

Explore how healthcare can use wide data, governed self-service, and data literacy for better patient care and decision-making.
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