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AI governance: Powering ASEAN’s next growth leap

Find out how AI governance is set to drive innovation and secure competitive advantage for ASEAN businesses in the digital age.

Key enterprise tech takeaways from Singapore Budget 2024

Explore key highlights from Singapore's 2024 Budget, including AI development, support for SMEs, and new cyber defence strategies.

Shaping health: Synapxe’s AWS-backed lab launch

Explore Synapxe's latest venture: a healthtech innovation lab in partnership with AWS, aiming to transform Singapore's public healthcare.

How companies toe the line between innovation and security

Examine the balance between innovation and security in tech, with insights on AI, cloud models, and cyber resilience strategies.

Synapxe director talks strategy for healthcare data security

Leonard Ong of Synapxe discusses healthcare data security, AI's role, and addressing cybersecurity threats in the healthcare sector.

Massachusetts launches AI program for 6G testing

Discover how Massachusetts pioneers AI for 6G wireless testing, fostering innovation and industry collaboration.

Bridging security gaps in government: Tanium’s approach

Tanium's Chris Cruz discusses his experiences as a government CIO and shares insights into resolving government cybersecurity gaps.

Malaysia turns to technology to boost performance and outcomes

In his Budget 2023 speech, Malaysia Prime Minister YAB Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim unveiled measures to accelerate the country's digitalisation.

Essential enterprise tech insights from Singapore Budget 2023

Delivered by Singapore's Lawrence Wong last February 14, here are the essential takeaways for enterprise technology from the 2023 Budget.

Tanium CIO for SLED talks about government cybersecurity

Tanium's Chris Cruz talks about government cybersecurity, including technology challenges, security spending, and more.
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