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Malaysia turns to technology to boost performance and outcomes

In his Budget 2023 speech, Malaysia Prime Minister YAB Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim unveiled measures to accelerate the country's digitalisation.

Essential enterprise tech insights from Singapore Budget 2023

Delivered by Singapore's Lawrence Wong last February 14, here are the essential takeaways for enterprise technology from the 2023 Budget.

Tanium CIO for SLED talks about government cybersecurity

Tanium's Chris Cruz talks about government cybersecurity, including technology challenges, security spending, and more.

Overcoming roadblocks to 5G rollout in APAC

Following Asia Tech x Singapore, Frontier Enterprise spoke with industry leaders in the 5G space to discuss the wireless technology's development.

MAS, ABS tighten online banking rules

The MAS and ABS are implementing new security measures to enhance customer protection against digital banking scams.

CISO at Singapore’s Prime Minister’s Office talks security transformation

Here is a case study on embedding cybersecurity into digital transformation from the Singapore government's perspective.

Narrowing the gap between physical and digital security

Senior IT experts discuss security challenges and strategies on how to reconcile the merging of physical and digital infrastructures.

Singapore Budget 2022: Key enterprise tech takeaways

Singapore's Finance Minister Lawrence Wong delivered the 2022 Budget last February 18. Here are the Budget's key takeaways for enterprise technology.

Motorola Solutions CTO talks innovation in crisis response

We ask Dr Mahesh Saptharishi, EVP and CTO at Motorola Solutions, on how emerging tech is being used by governments and private organisations during COVID-19.

Public sectors will build a stronger citizen experience

The public sector will improve their customer experience via technology, closer interagency cooperation and greater sharing of threat intelligence.
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