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Understanding the evolved consumer in a digital decade

Today, providing a consistent omnichannel customer experience is pivotal amid the changes brought by COVID-19. Here is an exploration how.

Powering car sales online with data and analytics

COVID-19 has disrupted nearly every business on the planet, including the auto industry. Since the pandemic began in 2020, there have been worldwide factory...

5 e-commerce strategies for coping with demand peak

With approximately 3 billion people around the world living under various degrees of COVID-19 lockdown, we’re witnessing fundamental changes across industries, work environments and...

COVID-19 puts customers smack at the center of the e-commerce universe

If you’ve assumed that COVID-19 has been a boost for the e-commerce sector, you’d be right … sort of. For one thing, it does...

Cloud and analytics strategy: digital natives vs neophytes

Big data analytics has become one of the most essential tools for enterprises to gather actionable insights they can use to streamline operations and better understand...
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