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Unchain supply chains with location intelligence

Global supply chains have weakened due to recent geopolitical events. Here's why location technology might be the answer to the problem.

How BNPL is redefining the customer journey

The growth of e-commerce during the pandemic is fuelling the rise of “buy now pay later" financing. Here are some of its advantages.

How Zalora’s omnichannel tie-up made them pandemic-ready

Online fashion retailer Zalora partnered with SaaS provider Freshworks to solve their customer experience issues. Here's how it went down.

Overcoming fraud challenges in ‘buy now, pay later’

Buy now, pay later has tremendous appeal for online shoppers but comes with risks. Here's what businesses can do to mitigate it.

Understanding the evolved consumer in a digital decade

Today, providing a consistent omnichannel customer experience is pivotal amid the changes brought by COVID-19. Here is an exploration how.

Powering car sales online with data and analytics

COVID-19 has disrupted nearly every business on the planet, including the auto industry. Since the pandemic began in 2020, there have been worldwide factory...

5 e-commerce strategies for coping with demand peak

With approximately 3 billion people around the world living under various degrees of COVID-19 lockdown, we’re witnessing fundamental changes across industries, work environments and...

COVID-19 puts customers smack at the center of the e-commerce universe

If you’ve assumed that COVID-19 has been a boost for the e-commerce sector, you’d be right … sort of. For one thing, it does...

Cloud and analytics strategy: digital natives vs neophytes

Big data analytics has become one of the most essential tools for enterprises to gather actionable insights they can use to streamline operations and better understand...
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