Tableau boosts Singapore National Day Parade

Photo by Kevia Tan

Tableau Software worked with the National Day Parade 2019 Executive Committee in the creation of a customised dashboard to visualise the parade’s unique requirements and help the organising committee better see and understand their data.

Through this collaboration, the NDP Command and Control Group has leveraged data-driven insights from Tableau’s analytics platform to optimise operations, and deliver a seamless experience for participants and spectators this year.

A live monitoring dashboard, which consolidates data from multiple and disparate sources, has provided the Command and Control Group with a full picture of the parade activities at any given time. The dashboard tracks data relating to security, safety, first-aid and crowd management, among others.

With complete oversight of these areas, organisers are better equipped to manage and coordinate operations, allowing them to minimise programme delays and respond to incidents more effectively.

“Data is the bedrock of Singapore’s Smart Nation vision and the NDP organising committee recognises the benefits of improving citizens’ experience at one of the largest scale public events,” said Leslie Ong, country manager for Tableau.

“With Tableau’s easy-to-use, end-to-end analytics platform, the control and command team will have access to powerful visual insights at all times, making it easy to make data-driven decisions about different aspects of the event,” Ong said.

Tableau has also established strategic partnerships to bring rich and intuitive analytics to the public sector. This includes the annual Public Sector Day, a conference that promotes best practices in data analytics and draws hundreds of public officers.

Supporting Singapore’s Smart Nation Initiatives, Tableau also offers training courses for students through its Tableau Academic Program, to fuel the next generation of data workers and ensure they are equipped to meet the demands of an increasingly data-driven economy.