Subaru secures customers ID management with Auth0

Subaru has chosen Auth0 to provide secure identity management for its newly launched online customer experience, “My Subaru.” 

Auth0’s secure and frictionless customer authentication experience serves as an essential element in Subaru’s approach to customer engagement and meeting the demands of shifting consumer behaviour.

“My Subaru” was designed to support the firm’s digital transformation efforts and appeal to the industry trend of consumers researching cars online more than ever before. Auth0 will serve as the primary authentication provider for Subaru, and will provide assistance in creating a foundational CRM and identity system for managing customer information in a secure manner. 

Driven by Japan’s Personal Information Protection Act—which requires companies to show how customer information is being received and managed—there is a widespread need for proper authentication and digital ID management solutions across the region. Auth0 will assist in compliance with this regulation.

Auth0 was chosen for its ease-of-use, speed of deployment, and extensibility, together with its ability to provide multi-factor authentication (MFA), for even more secure digital engagement.

“In the near future, we plan to launch a portal service compliant with the Personal Information Protection Act through Auth0’s technology,” said Atsushi Yasumuro, chief of business innovation at Subaru. “Auth0 is exactly the kind of authentication solution that allows us to achieve Subaru’s vision of ‘Peace of mind & enjoyment,’ giving us the confidence that we are securing customers’ data while offering them the best experience possible.”

The automotive industry is facing a major transition in purchasing behaviour, fuelling Subaru’s considerable investment in its online offering. The company required an entirely new infrastructure and approach to managing customer information, focusing on integrated CRM software and an identity platform.

“We’ve seen enormous momentum around digital transformation in the region,” said Eugenio Pace, co-founder and CEO of Auth0. “Combined with updated regulations around customer data management, it is more important than ever that identity management becomes a critical piece of any digital foundation.”

With more than 550,000 users on its owner-oriented My Subaru application, Subaru’s goal is to improve consumer engagement and users’ before and after sales experience through universal identification.