Sterling & Wilson harness ProcessMAP for ‘zero accident’ in solar build sites

Sterling and Wilson (S&W), an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) firm, is using ProcessMAP’s digital transformation solutions to support its strategic HSE (health, safety and environmental) initiatives across all its business units globally.

Based in Florida in the United States, S&W delivers projects across solar energy, turnkey data center, MEP-IEPC, transmission and distribution, hybrid and energy storage, COGEN plants, and diesel generators and panel manufacturing. 

In particular, the company will leverage ProcessMAP’s Mobile-First EHS software platform across more than 250 solar construction sites to keep workers safe and deliver reliable projects to its customers.

To support its commitment to achieve and sustain “Zero Accident,” S&W teamed up with ProcessMAP in 2019 to deploy a mobile-first EHS software platform, and accelerate the digital transformation of its global HSE processes at construction sites across more than 30 countries. 

The company intends to establish standardisation and process consistency across all projects sites, accelerate digitisation of key processes, integrate information and data silos, drive data-driven decisions, mitigate risk exposure, sustain compliance, institutionalise knowledge, and deliver safety in construction.

To realize these objectives, S&W adopted a comprehensive suite of ProcessMAP EHS solutions, including Incident Management, Audits Management, Sustainability Management, Risk Assessment, Hazard Reporting and Safety Suggestions, Behavior-Based Safety, Training Management, Permit to Work, among others.

ProcessMAP said that in just over a year since going live with the solutions, S&W has realised full transition of key safety processes such as inspection, hazard observation, Toolbox Talks, incident reporting, safe work permits, and others to mobile apps. It has also achieved a 250% increase of near-miss reported, and 145% increase in on-time incident investigation, among other significant process transformations.

“This EHS digital transformation initiative has enabled us to empower our team at all levels of the organization with key insights to keep workers safe,” said Tirtha Chattopadhyay, group head-HSE at S&W.

“The rapid adoption of ProcessMAP’s mobile platform across our [more than] 250 project sites globally has been key for our transformation initiative,” he said.