StarHub revs up data services with Denodo platform

Image courtesy of StarHub

StarHub in Singapore has implemented the Denodo Platform to provide a single secure data services delivery platform to provide timely data to the business.

“We wanted to provide our business users with relevant and timely data via self-service capabilities to improve operational effectiveness and reduce reliance on our IT team,” said Yaw Yee Kee, CIO at StarHub. “At the same time, we want to establish better data governance through modernising our data management and optimise our data infrastructure cost

Kee said Denodo’s data virtualisation platform has enabled StarHub to create a single data delivery layer, unifying cloud and on-premise data for better competitiveness and operational effectiveness, while providing the right guardrail in place. 

“As we rationalise and modernise our legacy data sources, the Denodo Platform minimises business disruption by abstracting the complexities of our underlying data sources for our business users,” he said.  

StarHub, a fully-integrated quad-play service provider in Singapore, has a complex ecosystem of data sources, consuming applications and shadow IT systems. 

The company wanted to establish a standard semantic and data delivery layer across the organisation, while meeting the corporate security standard and discontinuing its shadow IT systems, as part of the company’s broader digital transformation and IT modernisation goals. It set forth a broad digital transformation goal to meet diverse operational and analytical needs within the organisation.

According to StarHub, Denodo’s data virtualisation platform was the only data integration technology that met all of its needs for performance, scalability, security and real-time integration at a significantly low infrastructure cost.

“The advanced data virtualization capabilities of the Denodo Platform such as self-service search and discovery and streamlined security and governance are benefiting service providers like StarHub, that use it for accelerating data access and improving speed-to-market ,” said Ravi Shankar, SVP and chief marketing officer at Denodo.