StarHub amps up tech platform with Infosys-Temasek JV

Image courtesy of StarHub

Infosys Compaz, a joint venture between Infosys and Temasek is working with StarHub in Singapore to enable their IT transformation, while strengthening their technology operations, service management and cybersecurity. 

Through this engagement, Infosys Compaz will boost the quality, performance, availability, responsiveness, and cost efficiency of StarHub’s foundational technology platform, while improving customer satisfaction and minimising cyber risks.

Infosys Compaz will work with StarHub to execute large-scale IT operations management projects, while bringing strong digital capabilities, depth of solutions, robust cybersecurity, and the ability to drive business innovation powered by Infosys Cobalt.

As part of this collaboration, Infosys Compaz will help StarHub enhance their sourcing strategy for IT services, to support their changing business needs while establishing a variable cost structure. 

Additionally, Infosys Compaz will work alongside StarHub to restructure their service management and governance models to improve control and delivery management while updating their security infrastructure to maintain high levels of security.

StarHub CIO Kee Yaw Yee said the partnership with Infosys will strengthen and accelerate StarHub’s digital journey, which augurs well for their DARE+ strategy and promises to benefit our customers.