Standigm, Excelra boost AI-driven drug discovery process

Data science firm Excelra is working with Standigm, a company using artificial intelligence (AI) technology for drug discovery and development.

Under the agreement, Excelra will make available to Standigm its small molecule medicinal chemistry intelligence platform GOSTAR which provides comprehensive information encompassing over 8 million compounds, manually curated from 3 million patents and 200,000 journal articles. 

The database contains over 28 million SAR associated data points. The relational database can be used for diverse applications across different stages of the drug discovery and development lifecycle and aids in target validation, hit Identification, early lead Identification and optimisation.  

”For an AI-based drug discovery company, high quality SAR data is of great importance. Our platform technologies, Standigm BEST, Standigm ASK, and Standigm Insight integrate lots of data to generate innovative ideas including finding novel targets, developing predictive models, and designing novel lead series compounds,” said Hanjo Kim, platform team leader at Standigm. “I expect GOSTAR can help this process.”

Raveendra Dayam, director of chemistry services at Excelra, said GOSTAR is the largest source for experimentally determined interactions of millions of small molecules with most of the potential drug targets.

“The platform provides a comprehensive overview of millions of compounds, linking chemical structure to biological, pharmacological and therapeutic activities,” he said. “These datasets are core to the AI/ML driven drug discovery programs that support rapid discovery of novel drug candidates.”