SQREEM, Kansai University harness AI to support startups

SQREEM Technologies, a Singapore-based artificial intelligence solutions company, has partnered with Kansai University in Osaka, Japan, to promote the growth of startups across the Asia Pacific region. 

The new partnership also gives Kansai University access to SQREEM’s proprietary artificial intelligence to facilitate the institute’s educational activities.

This is the first time SQREEM has entered a collaborative venture with a Japanese university or research institute, and it is also Kansai University’s first venture with an AI company.

SQREEM’s next-generation AI technology and platform will enable Kansai University to enhance their educational and research activities, and utilise SQREEM’s wealth of behavioural data in multidisciplinary areas such as entrance examination strategies, job hunting support, branding and marketing in Japan and overseas.

“Learning through collaborating with AI tools can help students build their strengths and have a huge impact in the world. With SQREEM’s technology, we can create bigger goals for our students and provide more challenges,” said Kansai University president Keiji Shibai. “We are considering starting with an internship program to kick off this collaboration.”

While their collaborative goals now include promotion of educational research and social collaboration, enhanced branding activities and collaborating with startup ventures, both SQREEM and Kansai University will continue to revise and add new relevant projects to their partnership.

“Collaborating with Kansai University’s 13 faculties and graduate schools will mutually enhance both the university and SQREEM’s research capabilities,” said SQREEM VP and head of Japan business Eugene Yoshioka. 

“While solving current industry problems will be a challenge, it will equip us with the capabilities to resolve potential new problems before they even occur,” said Yoshioka. “We will continue to work towards building a clean and sustainable society for the future, and aim to become a leading company in the AI and IT fields by gaining stronger trust from the market.”