Smart Axiata picks Cloudera to help cater to digitally-savvy Cambodians

Cambodian telco Smart Axiata has chosen Cloudera to help accelerate its business performance, hoping to use data to improve its customer service and deliver targeted offers that anticipate the needs of its 8 million customers.  

Smart Axiata handles massive volumes of data daily at unprecedented speeds. Previously, the company used separate data lakes running on a traditional data warehouse.

This resulted in various data silos that hindered cross-functional collaborations, prevented the company from effectively using its data, required excessive resources to manage these disparate systems, and made it impossible to track data flows and lineage. 

With Cloudera’s help, Smart Axiata moved from multiple data lakes and a traditional data warehouse to a single data lake. This streamlined the number of sources, allowing data lineage to be more easily tracked, presenting Smart Axiata with a clearer view of its data. 

The new data lake serves as a single source of truth for all Smart Axiata’s applications, democratising data within the firm and facilitating self-serve access for different business functions. 

Since the implementation of the single data lake, Smart Axiata has been able to process large volumes of data and derive more detailed insights to deliver a better customer experience. 

Where reports could previously only be generated daily, more granular reporting can now be completed hourly to provide real-time visibility of the customer experience across touchpoints. This allows Smart Axiata to quickly resolve any network-related issues, in addition to delivering contextual real-time marketing to customers 

Kalyan Achyutuni, CIO of Smart Axiata said that by leveraging data, they can get a 360-degree view of customers to enhance their experience, improve network performance and drive innovation. 

The solution has also enabled the telco to produce an app for customers, which has allowed Cambodians to manage their accounts and services at their own convenience and improve their digital savviness. 

“Customers can troubleshoot their own issues, while the load on our call centre agents has been reduced by 40%,” said Ackyutuni. “This improvement has allowed for more efficient operations, where staff can focus on other tasks to improve efficiency or profitability.” 

Remus Lim, Cloudera’s Theater VP in Asia Pacific, said telcos have access to a multitude of data sources and thus collect and generate extensive amounts of data. 

“To be closely attuned to customers’ needs, they need to be able to manage and secure their end-to-end data lifecycle to gather insights and engage in data-driven decision-making,” said Lim.