SLNG taps SAP to firm up Singapore energy security

Singapore LNG (SLNG) has chosen SAP S/4HANA Cloud (Private Cloud Edition) to help optimise its business processes, as part of its strategy to use technology and innovation to meet and exceed its Energy Security mandate, facilitate the growth of Singapore as a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) hub, and explore the adoption of newer and more sustainable energy sources.

Using SAP intelligent ERP, users gain visibility across business functions such as finance, HR, procurement and maintenance to power data-driven decisions.

With more than 95% of its electricity generated from natural gas, SLNG helps in strengthening Singapore’s energy security by enabling LNG to be imported from anywhere in the world, and by ensuring undisrupted send-out of regasified LNG for power generation.

At the same time, SLNG is an advocate for the development of Singapore as an LNG hub, and the growth of the LNG eco-system in Singapore and beyond. In this regard, SLNG offers a wide range of LNG-related solutions such as Vessel Gassing-up & Cool-down, Storage & Reload (including Small-Scale LNG), LNG Bunkering, LNG Transhipment and LNG Truck Loading. 

In pursuing its goal to “Catalyse New Possibilities in the Energy Transition,” SLNG is also continuously exploring new opportunities in LNG and other sustainable energy sources.

Chong Nai Min, SLNG VP for IT, said that with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, they have an integrated platform that gives them a single source of truth for more effective and accurate data analysis.

“The integrated platform also enables greater productivity through enhanced automation and embedded analytics, scalability to support future business growth, as well as reliability by reducing data discrepancies across multiple systems,” said Chong. “The real-time insights that we gain allow us to be more agile and competitive as we respond to market demands and new opportunities in LNG and beyond.”

Previously, SLNG stored data in separate finance, HR, procurement and maintenance systems. Frequent disruptions in data interfaces often led to data discrepancies and need for manual reconciliations. SAP S/4HANA Cloud connects data at the source, and is available in real-time for business planning.

“With SAP S/4HANA Cloud, the objective is for SLNG to simplify operational processes, reduce downtime with predictive technology, and transition employees to high-value work,” said Eileen Chua, managing director, SAP Singapore.

“SLNG is now empowered with the latest leading business processes and practices from SAP to become an intelligent enterprise and aid in cementing Singapore’s role as a regional LNG hub, as Southeast Asia nations move from coal to cleaner energy sources,” said Chua.