SK Stoa taps Oracle solution to boost home shopping services

Photo by Austin Distel

SK Stoa has adopted the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse to help better ensure the sustainable growth of its commerce business.

SK Stoa, a digital platform company providing home shopping services, is using Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse to help elevate its abilities to gain customer insight by redefining its big data analytic capabilities.  

The company is now able to use its advanced machine learning algorithms to conduct real-time monitoring and analysis of customers’ log-information. As a result, the company is able to determine the effectiveness of its marketing activities based on insight gain from actual customer behaviour.

Also, SK Stoa has adopted Oracle Analytics Cloud and Oracle Management Cloud to further provide additional analytics capabilities and data visualization, creating an environment where both the company’s commerce business and systems operations team can draw data-driven insights.

Oracle describes its Autonomous Data Warehouse, unveiled in March 2018, as the world’s first self-driving, self-securing, and self-repairing database that eliminates manual data management and human error. Beyond just optimizing company resources that are typically consumed in database management, the solution can help companies pull in data held both in the cloud and on-premises, maximizing the synergies between them.

Another key benefit is that it can reduce the manpower cost involved in operating IT systems by providing a wide range of monitoring tools, and compared to an on-premises solution, the also software/hardware costs are also reduced by more than half.

The solution also shortens the lead time for activities, including hardware procurement and deployment, and system testing and development. In addition, the system can be scaled without needing any extra investment on resources or need for additional hardware infrastructure.

“As the on/offline retail environment becomes ever more complex, it is paramount that we can get insights based on accurate data analysis to ensure business success,” SK Stoa said.