SK hynix turns to Solace for event-driven data management

SK hynix, a global semiconductor maker based in South Korea, chose Solace’s PubSub+ platform to meet its burgeoning data management needs.

Solace’s advanced event broker has enabled SK hynix to handle larger volumes of data flow and implement an event-driven microservices architecture essential for removing tightly-coupled dependency among legacy applications.

The deployment has helped SK hynix achieve more detailed monitoring and analysis of its data. This follows the use of CMS (change management system) to use real-time events.

Also, Solace’s technology lets applications share data using open APIs and protocols such as AMQP, JMS, MQTT, and REST, and supports exceptional fan-out performance.

“We have seen significant improvements in the efficiency and reliability of our data management process by embracing an event-driven architecture using Solace’s enterprise-grade event streaming technology,” said Changhyun Ahn, technical leader at SK hynix.

“We now enjoy an automated process with high throughput and no downtime,” said Ahn. “Because of the simple architecture of Solace’s unified platform, we find it easy to deploy and upgrade our systems when needed.”

With operations across and beyond South Korea, SK hynix needed to enable real-time action and responsiveness in offices around the world. Their old approach relied on multicast groups, which made maintenance and changes difficult and placed challenges on its network bandwidth, limiting the real-time visibility of information.

With the migration of its IT systems to Solace’s platform, these challenges have been resolutely addressed. By supporting all kinds of data movement with a platform that can be deployed as a small-footprint software broker, Solace lets SK hynix’s architects design an end-to-end infrastructure that is “easy to build applications on, secure, and easily scalable.”

“Managing an ever-increasing amount of data has been a challenge for modern enterprises such as SK hynix,” said Sumeet Puri,, SVP and global head of systems engineering at Solace. “An event-driven approach to this problem has been a real innovation and helps organizations deliver performance at the real-time expectations of today’s customers.”