Singapore uni moves to cloud with Ellucian Banner, Fujitsu

Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) has decided to move to the cloud with Ellucian Banner and Fujitsu Asia.

Ellucian Banner Cloud is a powerful Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution designed specifically for higher education. The cloud-based offering empowers institutions to efficiently and effectively manage all human resources, finance, and student information processes in a modern digital environment.

“As our university continues to grow in Singapore and regionally, our priority continues to deliver student-centered learning experiences that will empower our graduates to be purposeful global citizens and serve society,” said Gary Teo, director of Campus IT Services at SUSS. “Our digital transformation is a core enabler in our mission to deliver world class student experiences and operational excellence.”

Fujitsu Asia’s president, Uno Motohiko, said the cloud can serve as a force multiplier to achieve the goals of today’s educational institutions – improving institutional productivity while mitigating potential data risks from academic processes.

“Digital-native learners can enjoy enhanced experiences and mobility while the school gleans better insights, all in a highly-secure and agile environment,” said Uno.

Laura Ipsen, Ellucian president and CEO, observed that across the board, institutions are simply outgrowing their homegrown solutions.

Previously, the university relied on a homegrown, on-premise platform which required significant administrative and IT overhead to maintain.

Ellucian managed cloud is built for flexibility and will enable the university to provide a secure and digitally connected campus, enhancing the overall experience for both students and staff.

To ensure a seamless transition, Fujitsu localized the solution to meet the market-specific requirements. It included backend system integrations with local government agency services applications to enable a seamless process and user experience, as well as providing local helplines and customer support. 

With Application Managed Services by Fujitsu’s IT specialists in student management systems, SUSS is relieved of the resource burden required to manage it. Upon implementation, the solution will remain nimble with configurations updated to adapt to users’ needs by Fujitsu.