Singapore launches generative AI innovation challenge

Synapxe, the national health tech agency in Singapore, has unveiled a call-for-innovation to encourage the use of generative artificial intelligence within the public healthcare sector. 

Named the GenAIus Challenge, it aims to provide a safe pathway and support community to empower public healthcare professionals to solve their daily workflow challenges through innovative and practical generative AI-powered solutions. 

More than 160 professionals across the public healthcare sector have participated in the challenge, including doctors, nurses and administrators. Together, they have submitted close to 70 use cases for exploration. 

Examples include clinical decision support systems to assist speech therapists in generating clinical management plans and a generative AI-based messaging application to support clinicians in disseminating timely updates on patients to their next-of-kin. 

There were also non-clinical use cases, such as healthcare subsidy assistants and call-centre chatbots to help officers provide personalised real-time responses to incoming queries.

Teams have completed stage one in a three-stage guided learning experience, facilitated by Synapxe’s technology partners, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Avanade and Microsoft, and Google Cloud.

Shortlisted use cases will proceed to the design and development of minimum viable products (MVPs), and finally to the potential deployment of selected MVPs into the real-world.

By encouraging user collaboration and ideation specific to the healthcare sector, the generative AI solutions generated have the potential for larger scale deployment to improve Singapore’s healthcare processes and outcome.

The Challenge is an integral component of Synapxe’s GenAIus Programme. Newly launched this year, the programme consists of a series of initiatives to accelerate the awareness and adoption of generative AI technologies in the public healthcare sector. 

These initiatives aim to cultivate an innovative mindset and build a like-minded community equipped with the knowledge and experience to harness cutting-edge technology to support and improve Singapore’s healthcare system.

Another initiative launching this year is the GenAIus Hub, a generative AI learning repository for public healthcare users. It will house a plethora of on-demand resources developed by Synapxe’s industry technology partners.

“By taking a comprehensive and structured approach to support healthcare professionals’ learning cycle, we hope to empower them to use innovative new technologies, such as generative AI,” said Andy Ta, chief data officer at Synapxe.

“Our partnerships with technology leaders such as AWS, Avanade & Microsoft and Google Cloud enable us to harness their expertise and capabilities to address complex challenges and develop innovative intelligent technological solutions to meet real-world healthcare needs,” said Ta.