Singapore trumps 5G countries with 4G mobile network

Image courtesy of Opensignal

Singapore provides better mobile network experience than countries with 5G, even with 4G technology, according to Opensignal’s latest State of Mobile Network Experience report.

The study ranks 6th out of 100 countries in terms of Download Speed Experience, ahead of 5G-ready countries such as Australia, Switzerland, Germany.

Also, Singapore landed with a score of 47.5 Mbps, up 21% from first quarter of 2019.

Further, Singapore overtook Japan to take the top spot for best Video Experience in the Asia Pacific region, placing 5th against all the countries covered in this report.

Singapore stands 6th in the region on 4G Availability, with a score of 94.2%, up 4.1 percentage points from the first quarter of 2019.

Opensignal finds that in many markets, much work is still needed to provide users with a good mobile 4G experience as it will continue to be the foundation for mobile experience and will be necessary for offering 5G services.

The report also highlighted that South Korea tied with Canada globally on Download Speed Experience. South Korean users observed the highest speeds in Asia Pacific — averaging 59 Mbps.

Japan has the highest 4G Availability (the percentage of time that 4G users’ smartphones spend connected to a 4G signal) in the world, with a score of 98.5%, beating South Korea by just 0.1 of a percentage point.

Users in Nepal observed the largest improvements in percentage terms in Asia Pacific between the first quarters of 2019 and 2020 across three metrics: Video Experience, Download Speed Experience and 4G Availability.

Thailand saw the second fastest growth in the first two of these, while Bangladesh experienced the second largest improvement in 4G Availability in percentage terms.