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Your SD-WAN Evaluation Checklist

This live webinar, crafted for an APAC audience, happened on 26 November 2019

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The only SD-WAN evaluation checklist you’ll ever need

SD-WAN is one of the hottest trends for forward-thinking enterprises, offering tangible benefits over old-school router-based WANs in terms of cost, performance and availability (not to mention ROI).

The bad news is that implementation can potentially be a major headache for network engineers and IT managers – at least if they’re unprepared.

1. Think of your business needs

Like many emerging technologies, SD-WAN is not a one-size-fits-all solution with standardized functionalities that work with all hardware. Numerous vendors and service providers offer SD-WAN solutions today, but not all will suit your specific business needs. Maybe you need a solution that performs well over consumer broadband connections, lights up new branches quickly, or works with your existing infrastructure. Either way, you have to shop carefully.

2. Consider implementation options

Once your business needs are sorted, you have to think about how you're actually going to implement and run your SD-WAN. There are several different options, and each comes with its own trade-offs. Should you do it all yourself, work with a third-party integrator, or go with a fully managed option?

3. Walk through the blueprint

This webinar will give you the preparation and the confidence you need to implement SD-WAN successfully. Our expert speakers will walk you through the process of SD-WAN implementation, from design and assessment to ongoing operations once it’s up and running. Sign up now to learn the challenges, potential pitfalls, and pro tips of selecting and implementing the right SD-WAN solution that fits your current and future needs.

An SD-WAN solution should be capable of:

Delivering SLAs for enterprise apps over consumer broadband

Steering SaaS and web-based apps directly over the Internet granularly and intelligently

Bringing new branches online in hours

Deploying an SD-WAN over existing infrastructure

Enhancing WAN and application security

Your hosts

John Tanner

Contributing Editor, Frontier Enterprise

John Tanner has been covering the Asia-Pacific telecoms industry since 1996. He has two degrees in telecommunications, and worked for six years in the US radio industry in various technical and advisory capacities, covering radio and satellite equipment maintenance, studio networking, news writing and production, the latter of which earned him several regional and national awards.

Peter Skarlatos

Systems Engineering Manager, Silver Peak

Peter Skarlatos has 20+ years of experience in networking and telecoms with solution design expertise in an array of Unified Communication and LAN/WAN platforms such as Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent and Juniper Networks. A Silver Peak WAN solutions expert in APAC, Peter helps Silver Peak customers flexibly and securely connect users to applications via the most efficient, secure and cost-effective WAN connectivity available. Prior to Silver Peak, he consulted for enterprises such as AAMI, BlueScope and governments, helping them design, build and operate complex network environments.

About the organisers

This webinar is organised by Frontier Enterprise and hosted by Silver Peak.

Frontier Enterprise is one of Asia's leading enterprise technology publications.

Silver Peak, the global SD-WAN leader, delivers the transformational promise of the cloud with a self-driving wide area network.

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