Shopline taps Adyen to boost smart commerce in Singapore

Shopline, touted as Asia’s biggest smart commerce platform, tapped Adyen for the processing payments for their operations in Singapore, Malaysia and their home base Hong Kong.

With Adyen’s payments capabilities, Shopline will be able to reduce complexities with one integration, expand with ease, and offer valuable shopper insights.

Under this expanded partnership, Shopline will use Adyen for Platforms in Singapore to further power its global expansion efforts and smart commerce solutions including e-commerce, social commerce, and point of sale (POS) for its merchants outside of China.

Adyen for Platforms is a flexible payment solution that enables platform business models to integrate payments into their offering without additional operational complexity or resource constraints. 

Platforms will be able to leverage Adyen’s unified commerce solution to expand quickly, manage risk, track results and gather rich customer insights across all touchpoints – all from one integration.

With Adyen for Platforms, Shopline built Shopline Payments, a one-stop service offering global and local payment options for its Southeast Asia merchants like Lush, Heinemann Asia Pacific, Angliss, and Lyde Bikes selling on the platform. 

By having only one contract for all markets and one integration across regions, Shopline can expand easily without worrying about the complexity of multiple contracts and vendor setups in other markets. 

As part of this contract, Adyen also helps Shopline stay PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant with Adyen’s suite of encryption solutions, alongside its secure platform.

The partnership will also enable Shopline to tap into operational efficiencies. For instance, Shopline is able to onboard new users seamlessly through Adyen for Platforms’ built-in, automated Know Your Customer checks, which allow the platform to save on time and resources it would have to spend otherwise. 

Also, Adyen for Platforms will ensure that Shopline’s users receive funds through fast and reliable payouts — reducing the average settlement period by two days compared to pre-deployment. 

Besides operational gains and faster settlements, Shopline can also offer its users the ability to harness valuable shopper insights, powered by Adyen’s unified commerce solution. 

The partnership with Adyen includes the provision of Adyen’s POS terminals, which allow Shopline’s users to accept in-store payments and consolidate their sales channels and payments on a single platform. With a consolidated view of their shoppers, Shopline users can use the insights to better inform their business decisions.

“With Adyen’s integration across regions, we’re able to scale in markets where our merchants need us to be, as they develop their franchises and sell globally using our platform. In owning the payments experience from end to end, we can help our users sign up, sell, and get paid better,” said Amadea Choo, head of Marketing of Shopline Singapore.

“As a result, we improved our operation efficiency by reducing time spent onboarding users and expanded on the end consumer experience with multi-channel options, a wider range of payment methods, and more competitive pricing,” said Choo.