ServiceNow acquiring Passage AI and Loom Systems

ServiceNow has signed separate agreements to acquire California-based Passage AI and Israel-based Loom Systems through transactions that are expected to wrap up with the first quarter of 2020.

The acquisition of Passage AI will advance ServiceNow’s deep learning AI capabilities and will accelerate its vision of supporting all major languages across the company’s Now Platform and products, including ServiceNow Virtual Agent, Service Portal, Workspaces and emerging interfaces. 

Passage AI’s conversational AI platform is built on deep learning models that can be trained to understand text in all major languages.

ServiceNow will expand its chatbot support for non-English languages and empower organisations to better understand the meaning behind work requests so they can take action to get the job done.

“Building deep learning, conversational AI capabilities into the Now Platform will enable a work request initiated in German or a customer inquiry initiated in Japanese to be solved by Virtual Agent,” said Debu Chatterjee, senior director of AI Engineering at ServiceNow.

Also, the acquisition of Loom Systems will extend ServiceNow’s AIOps capabilities, giving customers deeper insights into their digital operations so they can prevent and fix IT issues at scale before they become problems. 

Loom Systems extends ServiceNow’s IT Service Management (ITSM) and IT Operations Management (ITOM) solutions, which help companies unlock productivity and drive operational efficiency on a single platform.

With Loom Systems, ServiceNow will increase customers’ ability to apply AI to their knowledge base of issues and fixes for better insights into root causes and allow them to automate remediation tasks, reducing the number of Level 1 IT incidents. 

Loom Systems helps automate manual processes, mitigate operational issues in new environments and maintain a high standard of availability for customers and employees. Within hours, IT teams will be able to identify issues that may not have surfaced using traditional log management tools. 

“By bringing together Loom Systems’ ability to analyse log and metrics data with ServiceNow’s AIOps and workflow automation capabilities, IT departments will be able to proactively pin-point and resolve operational issues, enabling seamless experiences for their customers and employees,” said Jeff Hausman, VP and general manager of IT Operations Management at ServiceNow.