SD-WAN is Singapore’s pick for securing public cloud

Photo by Mike Enerio

While adoption rates for public cloud continue to grow, security is still the number one roadblock to public cloud adoption in Singapore, according to new research from Barracuda and Vanson Bourne.

Based on a survey of 750 executives and key persons in relation to their firms’ cloud infrastructure in EMEA, Asia Pacific and the United States, 60% said security was the main factor preventing their organisation from growing its use of public cloud. Other factors included cost (42%), and difficulty adhering the regulation and compliance (32%).

Findings also show that secure SD-WAN fully integrated into public cloud is the solution of choice. Among Singapore respondents, 22% have already deployed SD-WAN, with another 46% either in the process of deploying or expecting to deploy within the next 12 months.

Two-thirds (67%) of Singapore organisations who have deployed SD-WAN, cited increased network flexibility and agility, improved overall connectivity, and reduced overall cost as the main benefits.

Acquiring SD-WAN via a cloud provider is the overwhelming preference, with 43% in Singapore wanting  to do so. In comparison, 23% prefer to get SD-WAN from an independent vendor, while 27% would opt for a telecommunications partner, and 7% would choose a value-added reseller.

Microsoft Azure is the preferred public-cloud platform, according to 54% in Singapore, compared to 30% who prefer Amazon AWS and 12% who go for Google GCP.

“As more Singapore organisations move to public cloud, SD-WAN technology is a critical part of securing these cloud deployments,” said James Forbes-May, VP for Asia Pacific at Barracuda. “By deploying an all-in-one, secure SD-WAN solution natively built into the public cloud network, organisations can reap the full benefits of public cloud.”